Monday, June 29, 2009

Appointment Scheduled

So we have our appointment scheduled to have an in home meeting with our Adoption Specialist, Diana, on July 15. That means we won't be able to start the required classes until September, so there will be a lot of just waiting around.

I also let my mom know about what we wanted to do. At first she was confused and disappointed, but she called me back a few days later to let us know that she "let is sink in and that she's excited and happy." She even requested a "girl" grand-daughter, LOL.

Anyways, we kinda have a "what ever happens, happens" attitude lately about the trying to conceive. We're not so much stressed about the insurance thing anymore because it's figured out now. I have been making a conscientious effort to eat better and get in at lease SOME exercise everyday. I'm debating to do South Beach induction in order to get a jump start on eating better and a little weight loss. I figure dropping 20lbs would greatly improve things for me physically. For now, I've been eating A LOT of fruits and watching proccessed foods. Also been trying to drink more water, which is harder than I thought.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So we just got back from the Foster Care and Adoption Orientation. Lots of information, but not much that I didn't already research.

On a quick side note: On both the website AND the paperwork the sent in the mail, they say the meetings are for Adults ONLY. Mostly because its a 2 hour long meeting and its anyways, this family brought both kids and the baby was LOUD and they had to sit behind us. It was a small group, probably 25 people attended. Anyways the baby was cooing and giggling and crying the whole time...Normally, I would suspect, people take the kid outside so not to disturb the rest of the group. EVERYONE was annoyed because they were missing out on important information. Finally, I had to raise my hand and ask the speaker to talk louder because I could hear her...and I was only 3 rows back.. that's when the lady finally took the baby outside.. I felt bad being annoyed by the kid, but I was there to learn and I couldn't hear. =(

Anyhoo...The next step is to contact and interview adoption agencies and pick one we want to work with. We got a whole list of them tonight. I read through the descriptions and looked at the websites. I emailed 2 of them this evening, so hopefully I will hear back soon and we can get this part done by this week or next week. I will have even MORE information then.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thinking more about adoption

Alan and I have spent a lot of time thinking about how we want to build our family and we've been thinking more and more about adoption. There are MANY reasons why we want to adopt. Go to and you will see part of the reason. The short of it is, that we are ready to start a family, but we're not quite ready to get pregnant. We're ready to share our home, build memories and bond with a child - our child. We are prepared to love a child and raise them as they were our own. We have not taken this lightly and are well aware of what is involved. It's going to be a long exciting, and stressful process just to be eligible to have a child placed in our home. Not to mention the emotional process of bonding and attaching and helping the child to transition into our lives.

As our family grows we want to have adopted and biological children at home, as well a (manageable) menagerie of pets. These are exciting thoughts for me.

On Tuesday, we will take our first step forward with the process by attending an orientation for prospective foster and adoptive parents. I think going to this orientation will give is a lot better idea of what we are getting into (more than just the books I've read and websites I've visited) and we will know for sure if we want to go forward.

We'll keep you posted...

Thursday, June 4, 2009


**Warning: My frustration my offend some who might read this. Sorry***

So Alan got his benefits package yesterday. I was excited because it means I get health insurance and I can take the whole baby thing more seriously. umm....I might have to re-think that. Seriously, I was shocked at the premium prices. LAST time it was an extra $250 per month to cover me, THIS time we're looking at twice that! PLUS, the deductible is $5000 a year. Say I had an uneventful pregnancy the cost is estimated around $12,000 if I paid cash. The short of it is that I would pay the same, if not more with this insurance. My work doesn't offer health insurance so I talked to the HR lady today and asked her to ask the officers if they could reconsider based on the growth of the company and how many of us need it now.

How much does a baby cost a month anyways? Also, I don't get much time off. I just get 2 weeks paid time after birth, that's not part of the regular time off. Actually, Alan might get more in paternity leave than I get of maternity leave.

I might have to re-think this giving birth stuff...there just seems to be a lot more to think about, and not just with money, but my health. I have a whole slew of risks...mostly because of my weight and Im having the hardest time getting it off this time around. I guess I'm just frustrated.

Alan and I thought about foster/adopting a kid in the next couple years if the live birth thing doesn't work out. We wouldn't want an infant, but maybe a kid between 2-5, for a few reasons. First, s/he will have cousins closer their age, I also feel more comfortable around tots, and whole insurance thing won't be such a big deal and I won't have to worry about infertility, gestational diabetes, etc. Alan's insurance will cover him and up to 10! kids for $250...add me into that and it's like paying an extra mortgage! Wofda~! I'll just get cheaper private insurance for myself.

I just want to have a kid so bad...but I just want them to come to us in the BEST possible circumstance so we can provide the best for them. On a selfish note, I think Im scared of the change a baby brings, even though I know I shouldn't be.

Friday, May 29, 2009

More updates.

Overall everything is going good. My mom was serious about moving down here, but then found out Arizona hospitals that do acute dialysis do not accept LPNs, only RNs. That is Seriously whack!!! Mom has 20 years experience as a dialysis nurse! Too bad after a certain amount of years nursing, you can't just get "promoted" to RN. She's 50 and doesn't feel comfortable going back to college....and it's not like you can study to be an RN online--you have to go through clinicals.

Mom can work in a clinic setting, but she finds that boring and unsatisfying. So their looking in San Antonio, Texas instead.

Last weekend we took an impromptu roadtrip to San Francisco. We left at 1AM on Saturday morning and got there about 2pm. We stayed until Monday morning. Below are some pictures.

San Fransico cable car depot.

The Embarcadero. The main place where ships come in.

Golden Gate bridge.

Us in front of the Golden Gate was COLD and cloudy!

Downtown San Fransisco.

We also went to Chinatown...but oddly enough, we forgot to take pictures. We were too busy eating! LOL