Monday, June 29, 2009

Appointment Scheduled

So we have our appointment scheduled to have an in home meeting with our Adoption Specialist, Diana, on July 15. That means we won't be able to start the required classes until September, so there will be a lot of just waiting around.

I also let my mom know about what we wanted to do. At first she was confused and disappointed, but she called me back a few days later to let us know that she "let is sink in and that she's excited and happy." She even requested a "girl" grand-daughter, LOL.

Anyways, we kinda have a "what ever happens, happens" attitude lately about the trying to conceive. We're not so much stressed about the insurance thing anymore because it's figured out now. I have been making a conscientious effort to eat better and get in at lease SOME exercise everyday. I'm debating to do South Beach induction in order to get a jump start on eating better and a little weight loss. I figure dropping 20lbs would greatly improve things for me physically. For now, I've been eating A LOT of fruits and watching proccessed foods. Also been trying to drink more water, which is harder than I thought.


Beckums said...

yay Dawn....whatever happens, I am SO exited for you guys and we LOVE you!!

Kelly said...

That is way good news! Hang in can do it! Try adding a little flavor to your water, that always ya!